The Brief

MindTheGap approached Māia in October 2021 with the courageous ambition to address pay gaps in Aotearoa through a world-first voluntary public pay gap reporting and, in doing so, reduce pay gaps for gender, Māori, and other ethnicities. 

The Approach

The campaign launched on October 20 2021, the 49th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, clearly signalling the expectation of Government action ahead of the 50th anniversary. The campaign culminated in the launch of Aotearoa’s first public Pay Gap Registry on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022. 

Over just five months, Māia developed and executed a winning, purpose-driven marketing strategy that blew our objectives out of the water. 

We named our strategy ‘Line Up For Equal Pay’ – a rallying cry for key audiences to ‘line up’ in acknowledgement of the gaps in pay and support the call for new legislation. It was a nod to the alliance this change requires – between business, government, employees and the public. 

The Impact

It captured the attention of Government, media, alliance organisations and the general public alike. Our small team worked to secure 106 pieces of media coverage, resulting in widespread public awareness. 

With the Government committing to a pay transparency regime, and 47 major businesses (now 55) committing to pay gap reporting, international evidence shows that this will make a difference to pay gaps.

The Government delivering on its commitment to introduce pay gap reporting legislation will see women on the median wage receive a $35 weekly pay increase. For many families, $35 is the vegetable allowance, the power bill, or a new raincoat. 

The Legacy

The work we did on the campaign continues to have an impact as the MindTheGap campaign continues. We have raised awareness as businesses gradually come forward to ask more about registering and as influencers, including the media speaking positively and enthusiastically about the campaign. 

This campaign is a testament to the power of a strong purpose-driven marketing strategy in compelling important societal change.