Music Pou

The Brief

Māia connected with independent music label Five AM toward the end of 2021 to provide publicity support to their emerging artists. Since then, we have worked with some of the best young independent talent in Aotearoa, such as BEXY, Denzel, Mohi Allen, and Jackson Owens to launch debut singles and EPs. We are currently working with Diaz Grimm, MACEY, and Amila to launch their upcoming music projects.

The Approach

We provide branding, radio servicing, media outreach, publicity management, and music and strategy consulting to artists. Our purpose for this kaupapa is to make music promotion accessible and level the playing field for emerging or independent artists. Ultimately, we hope to bring more NZ music onto the world stage, and increase diversity in the NZ music ecosystem.

The Impact

Each of our artists have gained momentum with mainstream radio play, official chart positions, media coverage, and Spotify streams. 

The Legacy

We are currently working on drafting a framework for artists to launch their music project in NZ. This will include cost-effective resources, so artists can launch their own music careers if they’re not yet eligible for project funding. 

Supporting New Zealand music has now become a key pou of Māia mahi.