The Brief MindTheGap approached Māia in October 2021 with the courageous ambition to address pay gaps in Aotearoa through a world-first voluntary public pay gap reporting and, in doing so, reduce pay gaps for gender, Māori, and other ethnicities.  The Approach The campaign launched on October 20 2021, the 49th anniversary of the Equal Pay […]

Ngāti Kuri – #HīkoiTo100

The Brief Ngāti Kuri engaged Māia in October 2021 to spearhead a vaccination campaign in the Far North. With the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in Aotearoa, vulnerable and rural communities, and a high mistrust of the Government, Ngāti Kuri recognised that they were facing an uphill battle when it came to increasing iwi resilience and […]

Nau Mai Rā

The Brief Our mahi with Nau Mai Rā began after our co-founder Mihi came across their Facebook page. Two rangatahi from Hamilton, Ezra Hirawani and Ben Armstrong, were building a kaupapa Māori energy retailer with a mission to end power inequality in Aotearoa.  The pair didn’t yet have funding, or more than 300 customers, but […]

Music Pou

The Brief Māia connected with independent music label Five AM toward the end of 2021 to provide publicity support to their emerging artists. Since then, we have worked with some of the best young independent talent in Aotearoa, such as BEXY, Denzel, Mohi Allen, and Jackson Owens to launch debut singles and EPs. We are […]